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As a vegetarian for over 30 years, it is often difficult to find ‘great vegetarian’ tastes; at last, with ‘Add Garlic’ and its fabulous product line, there is delight and smiles among vegetarians...that can finally enjoy the taste of healthy and truly enjoyable foods...thanks Andy!

By Grace...
Shawn Jackson ESQ.
Business Development Attorney
The taste! The texture! The aroma! Absolutely wonderful! I opened up a jar of your garlic and promptly dipped my spoon in for a taste. What a mistake that was. Now I am hooked on your garlic!

I use it for a spread on sandwiches, have tried it in homemade soup, topped off my pasta and pizza and grudgingly shared with my husband, family and a few friends. Each and everyone is absolutely delighted with your product. My favorite is the honey dijon garlic!

Maureen Austin
Awesome job keeping the garlic essence in the jar. So many others seem to let the flavor escape when it is bottled. We have only tried the roasted & honey mustard and both were on the mark! Good job!

Thank you,
Hello There Andy!

Just HAD to get this testimonial out to you right away!

Thanks to your generosity in sample giving, I was fortunate to try all your amazing flavors of Aglio di Mirabella!

WOW! Is what I have to say! I do have a favorite though! The Original Roasted is so great! I can spread that on just about anything, heat it, and BAM!! So delicious!! Thanks again!
I'll DEFINITELY be looking for this in stores soon!


Suzie Boaz
My wife and I love to cook in the kitchen. We absolutely love the garlic products. They compliment the kind of food we make. We also like to have it with our cheese and crackers and wine. If we didn't want to lose friends we'd eat it with a spoon for breakfast. Everyone we share it with loves it but, then we have to send them home with some. Once you try it you'll be hooked.
Thanks again for the wonderful sample! I added the original garlic version to my spaghetti sauce and it was fantastic! It added a smooth, sweet garlic flavor to the sauce and it was so tasty! I Usually have to add a little bit of sugar to my sauce to offset the tartness of the tomatoes, but this product added the sweetness and the robust garlic flavor at the same time. No garlic press or sugar needed!

As a self professed garlic lover I had high expectations (especially after hearing your verbal description) for your product and I was not disappointed; I've also added this to an asparagus saute and spread it directly over french bread, delicious and so convenient! Please let me know when available for purchase.

Teresa White
Garlic is a tricky thing. There is hardly a dish that does not benefit from the addition of a healthy amount of freshly chopped garlic, at least not in my opinion, and I consider myself a good cook. I'm not quite convinced about adding Garlic to ice-cream or a chocolate cake, but I know there are those who like it there as well.

Chopping the amount of garlic needed though is another matter, and I have not found a pre-chopped garlic product that I liked better than the fresh deal until I tasted Aglio di Mirabella Brand of Garlic.

The Original Roasted Garlic was great on top of Hummus with Pita bread, with bread and olive oil and also in an omelet. The combinations are endless.